Imam Al-Bukhari – A Bright Spark In Islamic World

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Murtazaev Ulkar


This scientific article describes the characteristics and significance of the religion of Islam. The ideology of Islam is set out in the Holy books of Muslims, the Koran and the Sunnah. The Sunnah according to the creed is a collection of sayings of Muhammad and stories about his life. Imam al-Bukhari, this name is one of the most revered in the Muslim world. His name has been celebrated in the Muslim world for more than 12 centuries and the book "al-Jomi-as-Sahih" is considered the most reliable Muslim book after the Koran. "As-Sahih al-Bukhari" will consist of more than four dozen books, different in volume and number of hadiths covered. For his deep knowledge of hadith, the scholars of the ulama gave him the title "Imam al-Muhaddisin" (Lord of the world according to Hadith).

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