On A Methods Of Using Weighted Simulation Improving Reliability To Redundant Fiber Optic Communication Systems

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Masharipov Otaboy Matyoqubovich, et. al.


The article describes the methodology of weighted modelling to increase the reliability of redundant fibre-optic communication systems. In a specific example, a network graph of a many-node fibre-optic communication system is considered. Applying general ideas to determine the reliability characteristics of systems consisting of a large number of different types of elements with different functional relationships between them is quite a difficult task. The materials presented in this article are intended to solve this problem. Along with their relative simplicity, they are highly accurate. The numerical examples in this chapter show that the use of these methods for highly reliable systems can reduce the variance of the estimate by several orders of magnitude compared to the direct modelling method, and thus reduce the time required for calculations on electronic computers by several orders of magnitude. The purpose of the study is to increase the reliability of fibre-optic communication systems. The research methodology is based on models with a limited number of monotonous failure chains, which is available for visual enumeration of the reliability of highly reliable systems. As a result, it is proposed to obtain an approximate formula for assessing the reliability of a highly reliable system, both by modelling and analytically, and calculations using it can be performed using the quadrature method or moment methods. This allows you to build a model according to the block principle, including full-scale blocks or records of the results of their tests, simplifies the interpretation of the results, and creates convenience in software implementation.

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