An Energy Efficient Qos Routing Protocol Based On Red Deer Algorithm In MANET

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S. Arivarasan, et. al.


MANETs (Mobile ad hoc networks) are overloaded with their heavy usage choking traffic. Recent studies have been attempting to find feasibility of routes in these networks. Most proposed schemes have failed to consider the network traffic or MANET requirements. MANET routing done by RPs (Routing Protocols) would perform better when they adhere to QoS (Quality of Service) or application requirements. As a result, RPs must satisfy numerous QoS metrics at a time where soft computing algorithm based RPs are a solution to QoS routing problems. Evolutionary algorithm based routing do not achieve enough energy efficiency which is a major drawback. To overcome this drawback, this work, proposes Red Deer algorithm (RDA) based energy efficient QoS routing for MANETs called (RDA-EQRP). The proposed RDA based routing algorithm discovers the shortest path from a source to a destination which can consumes less energy while supporting the metrics such of reliability, bandwidth, SRC (Static Resource Capacity), Quality and delay. Simulation results show that proposed rotting scheme RDA-EQRP consumes lesser energy in MANET routing.

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