Investigation of the Rate and Ratio’s Teaching Process in the Context of a Mathematics Teacher's Noticing

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Hanife Şermetoğlu, Müjgan Baki


Noticing is defined that the teachers can decide what is important in the classroom, they can analyze efficiently and they can organize their teaching according to this process. The aim of the research is to examine the contribution of a secondary school mathematics teacher's pedagogical mathematical knowledge and professional development which is analyzing by her teaching process in the framework of noticing. This study is conducted in the scope of action research. Participants are 17 students in 7th grade and 1 secondary school mathematics teacher. The teacher recorded a videos in the classroom about the subject of rate and ratio. She kept analyses logs by watching this records and she analyzed these logs with content analysis methods. In this study teacher was more careful about students’ thinking and she found a chance to think about this process in detail. She realized the unseen points in the learning process and organized her teaching process according to this video records. Teacher defined that students didn’t examine their answers and because of that they had difficulties about noticing their misconceptions. This research determined difficulties in the subject of rate and ratio, improved solutions and defined students’ difficulties related to the topics. Additionally, she identified negative and positive points about process also she had ideas for her future teaching process.

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