Evaluation of the Published Articles in Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education according to Content Analysis

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Tamer Kutluca, Osman Birgin, Samet Gündüz


As an international refereed journal related to computer and mathematics education researches, Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) has been released since 2009 and publishes articles in Turkish and English. This study aimed to reveal the tendencies by examining the articles published in TURCOMAT journal. In the study, a total of 151 articles in the TURCOMAT published between 2009-2017 years were analyzed by content analysis method. Articles in the journal were examined according to publication year, number of authors, languages, fields, authors' titles, sample groups, sample sizes, research methods, research designs and source numbers. Findings were presented descriptively using frequency and percentage value. As a result of the study, it was determined that the nearest halves of the articles were written by two authors and the most among the authors were assistant professors. The vast majority of the articles were in Turkish and more than half of the articles were prepared in the field of mathematics education. It was found that participants in the reviewed studies as sample groups were mostly undergraduate students and majority of the studies employed samples sizes between 31-100 participants. The qualitative research method and case study design were used more frequently in the researches. Moreover, it was determined that the foreign sources used in the articles more than the domestic sources.

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