Determination of Science Teachers’ views on STEM Approach

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Hasan Bakırcı, Emine Kutlu


STEM approach has been taking place in the Science Curriculum since 2017. Therefore, it became important to explore the views of teachers who are the practitioners of the curriculum related to STEM. The aim of this research is to determine the views of science teachers regarding the STEM approach. The study was carried out with 10 science teachers working in different middle schools in an eastern city of Turkey during 2017-2018 academic year. In this qualitative research data was collected through a semi-structured interview protocol. Content and descriptive analyses were used to for data analysis. Teachers stated that the STEM approach could increase students' motivation and insight towards the course, provide them with multi-faceted thinking, increase the use of the laboratory, and improve decision-making skills. Teachers have also argued that STEM could improve, inquiry and creative skills of students, help them learn by doing, encourage them to design appropriate products for problem situation, improve their learning in concrete ways, and develop their scientific process skills. It was found that the teachers did not have enough knowledge as related to STEM application. For effective implementation of STEM, schools should have adequate equipment and teachers should be informed about STEM via in-service training.

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