Target Tracking in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks: Challenges, Steps, and Metrics of Evaluation

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Afaf Mosaif, et. al.


In recent years, wireless sensor networks have been used in a wide range of applications such as smart cities, military, and environmental monitoring. Target tracking is one of the most interesting applications in this area of research, which mainly consists of detecting the targets that move in the area of interest and monitoring their motions. However, tracking a target using visual sensors is different and more difficult than that of scalar sensors due to the special characteristics of visual sensors, such as their directional limited field of view, and the nature and amount of the sensed data. In this paper, we first present the challenges of detection and target tracking in wireless visual sensor networks, then we propose a scheme that describes the basic steps of target tracking in these networks, we focus then on the tracking across camera nodes by presenting some metrics that can be considered when designing and evaluating this type of tracking approaches.

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