Human Behavior Prediction and Analysis Using Machine Learning-A Review

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Monali Gulhane, T.Sajana


Nowadays many trends are being in the area of medicine to predict the human behaviour and analysis of patient behaviour is being studied but the technical difficulty of cost efficient method to predict the behaviour of user is overcome in the proposed researched methodology .The mental health of the used can lead to good immunity system to be healthy in this pandemic of COVID-19. Hence After a detailed study on different human health disease classification techniques it is found that machine learning techniques are reliable for the feature extraction and analysis of the different human parameters. CNN is the most optimum choice of classification of diseases. Feature extraction and feature selection is automatically managed by the CNN layers, which reduces the training speed. Techniques like sensor-based feature extraction like EEG, ECG, etc. will be further explored using machine learning algorithms for detection of early detections of diseases from human behavior on different platforms in this research. Social behavior and eating habits play a vital role in disease detection. A system that combines such a wide variety of features with effective classification techniques at each stage is needed. The research in this paper contributes the review of the human behavior analysis through different body parameters, food habits and social media influences with social behavior of the person. The main objective of research is to analysis theses different area parameters to predict the early signs of the diseases.

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