Spectrum Sensing Using Cooperative Matched Filter Detector in Cognitive Radio

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Gaith Khalil
Ayoob Aziz
Zozan Ayoub


The vast rise in the number of internet-connected devices necessitates a more accessible spectrum. As a result, Cognitive Radio was already proposed as a solution to the problem of restricted spectrum resources by utilizing available spectrum which is assigned to primary users. This method allows the secondary user to utilize the spectrum whenever the primary user is not using it, and it does so without intruding with the primary user. Whenever the secondary user detects the spectrum, it faces many issues, such as complexity in sensing, leading to a lack of noise value, and the primary user is hidden to all secondary users. In order to tackle these challenges, many spectrum sensing frameworks were introduced in the literature. In this paper, an adaptive threshold matched filter detector and a cooperative matched filter detector frameworks are utilized to detect the spectrum and resolve the issues above. The probability of detection (Pd), probability of miss detection (Pm), and probability of false alarm (Pf) are the metrics used to assess sensing accuracy. To simulate suggested detectors results and proficiency, the MATLAB R2020a software was utilized. In comparison to earlier studies, the simulation conclusions reveal that the detection process starts with lower SNR values compared to previous work.


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Khalil, G., Aziz, A. ., & Ayoub, Z. . (2024). Spectrum Sensing Using Cooperative Matched Filter Detector in Cognitive Radio. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 15(2), 6–29. https://doi.org/10.61841/turcomat.v15i2.14632
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