Applying Software Engineering Based on Peer to Peer ‎‎Communication

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Asma Salim Yahya


The JavaScript programming language was selected to create software creation that facilitates the creation of a video connection between users because it enables the creation of cross-platform apps relatively quickly. For example, “Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC)” standards do not specify exactly how two browsers initiate and manage communication with one another. The reason for this is that WebRTC does not specify the signaling technique or protocol. This paper's main goal is to design and construct a WebRTC simultaneous video conference between peers utilizing Google Chrome and the signaling technology. A Local Area Network was used in this experiment (LAN). Furthermore, an assessment was conducted on the quality of experience (QoE), the signaling method, and resources, including bandwidth consumption. This paper describes the simultaneous execution of peer-to-peer video calls with user identification (user-id).


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Yahya, A. S. (2024). Applying Software Engineering Based on Peer to Peer ‎‎Communication. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 15(1), 75–80.