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K. Kumara Swamy, Shivani Teakumalla, Deekshitha Vemula, Shreya Reddy Patil, Palli Deepika


In today's interconnected world, the internet plays a crucial role in various aspects of our lives. However, the anonymity provided by VPNs and proxy services raises concerns regarding cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and intellectual property rights enforcement. This project aims to address these concerns by developing a system that can detect whether an IP address is using a VPN or proxy and retrieve the corresponding WHOIS records. The purpose of this project is to scan IP addresses on the internet and determine if they are using a VPN/proxy or if they hold the original IP. The project also involves extracting WHOIS records for each IP. This process is important for various reasons, such as identifying potential security risks, detecting fraudulent activities, and gathering information about IP address ownership. By analyzing the WHOIS records, the project aims to provide insights into the usage patterns and characteristics of IP addresses, enabling better understanding and management of network traffic

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