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Nowadays, accidents occur during drowsy road trips and increase day by day; It is a known fact that many accidents occur due to driver fatigue and sometimes inattention, this research is primarily devoted to maximizing efforts to identify drowsiness. State of the driver under real driving conditions. The aim of driver drowsiness detection systems is to try to reduce these traffic accidents. The secondary data collected focuses on previous research on systems for detecting drowsiness and several methods have been used to detect drowsiness or inattentive driving. Our goal is to provide an interface where the program can automatically detect the driver's drowsiness and detect it in the event of an accident by using the image of a person captured by the webcam and examining how this information can be used to improve driving safety can be used. . a vehicle safety project that helps prevent accidents caused by the driver's sleep. Basically, you're collecting a human image from the webcam and exploring how that information could be used to improve driving safety. Collect images from the live webcam stream and apply machine learning algorithm to the image and recognize the drowsy driver or not. When the driver is sleepy, it plays the buzzer alarm and increases the buzzer sound. If the driver doesn't wake up, they'll send a text message and email to their family members about their situation. Hence, this utility goes beyond the problem of detecting drowsiness while driving. Eye extraction, face extraction with dlib.


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DR.N.JAGADEESAN, M.NAVYA SRI, N.SARITHA, N.NAVYA. (2023). DRIVER DROWSINESS DETECTION USING MACHINE LEARNING. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 14(2), 595–600.
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