Automatic Vehicle Fueling System using PLC Controlled Robotic Arm

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Chitra Venugopal, Thangavel Bhuvaneswari


The objective of this research is to design and develop the robotic arm for automatic fueling system using PLC LogixPro simulation. The system includes “FASS” concept which are Fast, Accurate, Safe and Simple in order to allow car users to have efficient fuel filling system.  

The design is divided into 3 sections – identification of the vehicle, payment and filling the fuel. The first section identifies the presence of the car by the in floor weight sensors. The weight sensor identifies the car locks the in its position and activates the payment system. The second section activates the payment system. After payment is completed, fuel cap will be opened system to start filling the fuel. If the payment doesn’t go through, car will be released, manual operation will be initialized, and the entire system will be reset.  Timer is included in the payment section to process the payment. In the third section, the filling arm is extended to the car, fuel cap is opened, fuel pump is inserted into the tank and fuel is filled in the tank. Once the tank is full, filling is stopped, pump is ejected out, fuel cap is closed, and the arm return back to its position. Thus, automatic vehicle fueling system is created to overcome the problem of safety and longer waiting time during peak hours

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