Implementation and Design of a Monitoring System for Tikrit Substation Using IoT

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Omer Tareq Khattab, Dr. Mshari A. Alshmmri, Dr. Mehdi J. Marie


Substation automation has become very necessary to improve the monitoring process and the workflow of the station, and it is necessary to detect the type of restriction that is taking place, therefore, it needs a monitoring system that is able to automatically detect, monitor and classify the existing restrictions. The purpose of this project is to remotely obtain electrical parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, humidity and flame and send the values in real time over the network. In addition, this system is designed to send alerts whenever the voltage or current exceeds pre-set limits. This project uses the IoT platform (Ubidots), in addition to the ESP32 microcontroller. The controller can communicate efficiently with the different sensors used.

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