Evaluation of Cipher Application Based on Digital Permutation Technical

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Saja Jumaa Hammad, Dr. Qusay Abboodi Ali, Dr. Mshari A. Alshmmri


Security is one of the most prominent and important terms at the present time in order to protect our information and data that we want to preserve from any interference or intrusion. Security and the protection of our data can be achieved in several ways, the most important of which is cryptography.

Due to the importance of documents and information that institutions need to deal with or transfer via the Internet, and therefore unauthorized persons or through hackers can view and manipulate them.  Therefore, these documents must be encrypted using cipher methods and techniques .

In this study, it was proposed new cipher application based on digital permutation technical . The application encrypts text files and it is characterized by high randomness . This system works on permutation  of the letters and symbols many times until to get the ciphertext.

After the application, testing and evaluation of the system by the intended users, it was found that the system achieves the objectives of this study and meets the needs and requirements of the users in an easy and uncomplicated manner.

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