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N.Guntupalli Manojkumar,Mr. S. Niresh Kumar


The communication of potential students with a university department is performed
manually and it is a very time-consuming procedure. The opportunity to communicate with on a oneto-
one basis is highly valued. However, with many hundreds of applications eachyear, one-to-one
conversations are not feasible in most cases. The communication will require a member of academic
staff toexpend several hours to find suitable answers and contact each student. It would be useful to
reducehis costsand time. The project aims to reduce the burden on the head of admissions, and
potentially other users, bydeveloping a convincing chat bot. A suitable algorithm must be devised to
search through the set ofdata and find a potential answer. The program then replies to the user and
provides a relevant weblink if the user is not satisfied by the answer. Furthermore, a web interface is
provided for both usersandan administrator. The achievements of the project can be summarized as
follows. To prepare the background of theproject a literature review was undertaken, together with an
investigation of existing tools, andconsultation with the head of admissions. The requirements of the
system were established and arange of algorithms and tools were investigated, including keyword and
template matching. Analgorithm that combines keyword matching with string similarity has been
developed. A usablesystem using the proposed algorithm has been implemented.The system was
evaluated by keepinglogsof questions andanswers and byfeedback received bypotentialstudents that
used it.


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N.Guntupalli Manojkumar,Mr. S. Niresh Kumar. (2022). Chatbot Use foradmissions. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 1260–1301.
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