Modified Design Hardware and Wireless Sensors Networks for Designing Future Combat System

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Dr. V. Janakiraman, Dr. K. Sundaramoorthy, Dr. S. Arif Abdul Rahuman, Dr. E. Gajendran, Dr. A. Vivek Yoganand


Future combat system (FCS) is a network, which connects eighteen individual weapon scheme connected with the soldier all the way through the network.Supporting the soldier with real time situational awareness and cooperative operability among forces to entire a mission successfully with low mortality rate is the fundamental thought, there by enabling the soldier to see first, understand first and take action decisively. Since, most of the system operates in remote environment with battery support, power consumption is a serious issue. System with many nodal points has to be encrypted strictly to prevent the network from attacks (simply hacking). In this paper, an analysis was made on use of instruments with less power consumption, particularly custom design hardware and wireless sensors or sensors to tackle this difficulty.

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