A hybrid system for voltage stability and placement optimization of STATCOM in distribution systems

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Ms. Shweta Chourasia, Dr I.D Soubache,Dr.P.Gomathi


A methodology is provided in this paper for determining the optimal assignment (i.e., sizing
and position) of Distributed Generators (DGs) and static compensators (STATCOM) in a
radial distribution system (RDS). The voltage stability index (VSI) is used to locate the best
STATCOM position, and the fast voltage stability index (FVSI), and phase voltage stability
index (PVSI) are used to locate the best-distributed energy location. The suggested work is
presented as a non-linear optimal solution with a hybrid power stability optimization (HPSO),
which is solved utilising a meta-heuristic/evolutionary-based approach in this paper. The Bat
method is used to determine the ideal dimensions of STATCOM in RDSs. Two basic IEEE
34 and 85 bus RDSs are investigated in this study to assess the correctness, feasibility, and
applicability of the suggested optimal allocating method. In the RDSs, the experiments
demonstrate a reduction in energy losses and an increase in bus voltages.

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