The Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Technique

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VenkateswaraRao Cheekati , Dr .D.Natarajasivan, Dr. S.Indranee


One of the leading causes of death and disability around the world is coronary artery disease. A
vast number of people around the world are afflicted by this terrible disease. This is especially true when one
considers death rates and the enormous number of people who suffer from heart disease. This sickness cannot
be diagnosed using conventional methods. In clinical data analysis, cardiovascular disease prediction is
recognised as one of the most essential topics. The healthcare business generates enormous amounts of data.
Using machine learning to develop a medical diagnosis system for predicting heart disease is more accurate
than the traditional method. Machine learning (ML) has proven to be helpful in reducing the massive amounts
of data generated by the healthcare industry's decision-making. Several studies provide only a brief glimpse
into how machine learning can be used to predict cardiac disease. Using machine learning approaches, we offer
a method for identifying relevant traits that can be used to improve the accuracy of cardiovascular disease
prediction. Various combinations of features and recognised classification methods are used to build the
prediction model. With the hybrid model for heart disease prediction, we're able to get a higher level of
performance while maintaining a high degree of accuracy


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VenkateswaraRao Cheekati , Dr .D.Natarajasivan, Dr. S.Indranee. (2022). The Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Technique. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 1142–1154.
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