Problems of Using Google Classroom as an Instructional Media in Business Administration Students

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Urai Makkana, Nipol Ek-udom,Thanuttchayanin Doksroifa,Bundit Anuyahong,Wipanee Pengnate


The purposes of this study were 1) to investigate problems of using Google Classroom as an
instructional media in Business Administration students, and 2) to study additional
suggestions from respondents. The research samples were 75 Business Administration
students during the second semester of academic year 2021 derived through Simple Random
Sampling technique. The instruments for collecting the data were the rating-scale and openended
questionnaire. Frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and content analysis
were used for data analysis. The findings were as follows: the students had a low level of
problems of using Google Classroom as an instructional media in overall. When considering
each aspect, the lowest rank was Teaching materials, followed by Accessibility and Learning
activities; the respondents suggested that using Google Classroom is less effective than a
face-to-face meeting; the students are not comfortable with the lack of interaction with other
learners or a teacher; the students have several inabilities to work with computers or
smartphones; the students have eye strain when learning with Google Classroom; the students
have a low internet bandwidth; and the students have too many distractions, e.g., games,
social media.

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