Optimization of Proportional Integral Controller’s Gain for Speed Control in Direct Torque Control Strategy Using Genetic Algorithm

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Dr. Nour Mohammed, Dr.Benali Abdelkrim, Dr.Tadjeddine Ali, Dr.Bendelhoum Mohammed Sofiane


The use of PI controllers in electrical machine drives is often characterized by the high effect of motor parameters changing; themain purpose of the presented paper is to adaptboth proportional and integral gains in order to perform and improve a closed-loop speed-controlled induction motor using direct torque control. First, a mathematical model is built using electrical and mechanical equations, then the DTC control method for the induction machine is presented based on relationship blocs; all those blocs are sensitized by the Simulink toolbox environment in MATLAB Software. The speed control is optimized by an optimized PI controller using genetic algorithm; the comparative simulation results are presented in order to claim the improvement of the system.

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