Presenting a Model of Crowdsourcing Cultural Policies with a Forward-Looking Approach

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Mohammad Amini, Mohammad Mahdi Zolfagharzadeh, Majid Motaharinezhad, VahidKhashei


People's participation in decision-making and governance, as the factor that provides the most acceptance to governments, has always been one of the most important values in governing. On the other hand, the increasing complexity and multidimensionality of problems and needs, especially in recent times, has led governments to feel, more than ever, the need for public participation and benefit from their votes and increased innovation. Therefore, they seek to discover and design new up-to-date ways to attract public participation and address the shortcomings of previous ways. For a long time,
the method of public participation has been representative democracy, in which people's representatives identify the problems and needs of society and design public policies to solve them. In the present study; The researcher seeks to provide a model of crowdsourcing cultural policies with a forward-looking approach

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