The Differential Impact of Covid-19 on Gender

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Jaswinder Kaur


Pandemics and outbreaks have differential impacts on women and men. From risk of exposure and biological susceptibility
to infection to the social and economic implications, individuals’ experiences are likely to vary according to their biological
and gender characteristics and their interaction with other social determinants. Because of this, global and national strategic
plans for COVID-19 preparedness and response must be grounded in strong gender analysis and must ensure meaningful
participation of affected groups, including women and girls, in decision-making and implementation. WHO has declared it
as pandemic as it has hit the world infecting a large number of people and causing large number of deaths. The government
has imposed lockdown all over the world due to the serious issue, but now it is leading to negative impact on people in the
form of economic and health impacts. This paper aims to examine the impact of Covid-19 on gender, especially working
men and women. The paper examines various secondary sources of data like literature and articles to generalize the findings.
It has been found from the study that the effect is more on women than on men. India as a developing country is also facing
the problem with economy. Thus steps should be taken by the government to improve the social, political and
economic systems related to pre-existing equalities.

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