Combined Fingerprint Template Based Revocable Session Key Generation

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Ensuring network and information security is one of
the top most concerns related to data transmission. Cryptography
is most effective solution for secure data transmission. Efficient
cryptographic method depends on cryptographic key and its
management. Traditional cryptography faces many problems
such as difficulty in memorizing random keys and key storage in
network. Linking biometric traits of a person with cryptography
overcomes these limitations. Different biometrics that can
used are fingerprint, iris, face etc. To address the limitations,
biometric and cryptography is combined to develop Crypto
Biometric Systems which uses biometric traits to protect or
generate the cryptographic key. But key generation based
on biometric has problems with privacy of biometrics and
revocability of biometric. Hence, there is a need to generate
an efficient cryptobiometric system which satisfies privacy
and revocability of biometric data. This paper is to generate
crypto-biometric key from cancellable fingerprint template of
both users participating in the communication. Cancellable
transformation is performed based on triangulation feature
set construction to ensure privacy of fingerprint template.
Cancellable fingerprint templates of both sender and receiver
are safely transmitted to one another using LSB steganography.
Fusion technique at feature level is used in concatenation of
both templates to create a combined template. Combined
template elements are shuffled using shuffle key and applying
hash on the shuffled element set generates the unique session
key. To add revocability and key diversity shuffle key update
phase is implemented. Increasing security demands shifted the
focus from single biometrics to multibiometrics. In this method,
multiple fingerprints of a user is used for key generation which


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S.MEENAKSHI, HEMA. (2022). Combined Fingerprint Template Based Revocable Session Key Generation. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 2293–2299.
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