Designing and implementing a tool for measuring cohesion and coupling of Object-Oriented Systems

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Atica M. Altaie


Cohesion and coupling are considered essential elements of an object-oriented system's internal quality. The class diagram represents an important part of the design phase of the development life cycle of the software. Measurement of metrics early in the design phase will lead to enhancing the quality of design and source code and minimize the efforts required to build software. This tool calculates coupling and cohesion for class diagrams using design metrics. The metrics of the tool gather the data and information after analyzing the XMI file created by the UML tools. Then, we specify the cohesion of the class and the relationships of coupling via matching tokens of a specific class with tokens of other classes. The proposed methodology extracts tokens based on metrics for cohesion and coupling. Finally, the results lead to a suitableassessment of the software quality in terms of its cohesion and coupling measures. The values of DCH and DC metrics range from 0 to 1, the high cohesion and low coupling are better for the measure of maintainability, testability, readability, reliability, and reuse

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