The effect of climate on tourist comfort in Sawa Lake

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Prof. Dr. Makki Abd Majeed Al-Rubaie, Ali Khazaal Jawad Al - Kulabi


Climate is one of the variables that influence human health and comfort, and studies show that
regions with slight temperature difference encourage people to overcome their laziness and lethargy
and engage in inactive behaviour. Moreover, the changing climate requires joint physical and mental
Some studies indicate a relationship between efficiency in completing employment or engaging in
tourism activities and temperature. Efficiency decreases by 57 percent as the temperature drops
below zero, and efficiency approaches 25 percent as the temperature drops below zero (from 10 to 10
degrees). When it comes to work or activity, when the level of work or activity falls to zero percent,
the level of work or activity drops to zero percent and when the temperature is 40°C and above 30°C,
human efficiency is 75 percent, but when the temperature is 20°C, the human efficiency is 100
As a result, the temperature has an effect, since a temperature rise from 10 ° C to 20 ° C does not
have any effect on a person's mood, but a one degree rise in temperature above 40 ° C causes it to rise
in summer. In the light of the foregoing, what is the effect of climate on the efficiency and activities
of tourists, including tourism activity, with rising temperatures?

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