Application of technology based on the industrial revolution 4.0 for business strategies in various sectors: a literature review

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SaptoHariyonoa, Muhammad FakhriHusein


The term Industry 4.0 was born from the idea of the fourth industrial revolution. This study aims to obtain information from various previous studies related to the use of technology including management information systems (MIS) based on the development of the industrial revolution 4.0 in various sectors in the world. This paper is a literature review that discusses Industry 4.0, management information or technology. The review is carried out on articles with the topic of management information systems or decision-making systems. We identified about 25 articles published in the last decade then analyzed and drew conclusions. Based on this research, it is known that the use of technology based on the development of the industrial revolution 4.0 has a positive impact on various fields where the field that uses the most technology is manufacturing followed by business, education, information technology, business and other sectors. With the potential benefits that can be generated in the form of product development to be faster, efficient on resources, improved production time, able to meet individual customer needs, engineering and business processes to be dynamic, decision making becomes more optimal, improved productivity and others.

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