Design of a Band Notched Octagonal UWB Microstrip Antenna for Space Communication

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Surajit Mukherjee, Avisankar Roy


A novel design of a single band notched octagonal shaped ultra-wide band (UWB) microstrip patch antenna has been presented in this manuscript. A modified inverted H shaped slot has been introduced on the radiator of the conventional octagonal monopole reference antenna. Due to this novel slot on the patch a band notch characteristics has been observed. The reference antenna radiates in the band 3.1GHz to 37.4GHz within VSWR<2. The modified proposed antenna produce the band 3.1GHz to 35.2GHz within VSWR<2 and a notched band in 6.7GHz to 8.8GHz with negative gain. The maximum realized gain for the proposed antenna has been found as 6.2dBi and total frequency band covers C band to K band. The reference and proposed antenna have been designed in commercially available software HFSS. With respect to the investigation the above said antenna may be suitable for long distance radio communication, space communication, automotive radar and astronomical observation purpose.


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Surajit Mukherjee, Avisankar Roy. (2022). Design of a Band Notched Octagonal UWB Microstrip Antenna for Space Communication. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT), 11(3), 1893–1897.
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