From Conventional to Microservices and NVF: A survey of the paradigm shift in IoT Network System Architecture

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Subhransu Das, Suman Bhunia, Subhabrata Barman, Santanu Koley, Pinaki Pratim Acharjya


The contents of this paper can be segregated into two major parts. The first part presents a
summarized survey of the conventional Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) architectures along
with several issues and problems of it. while the second part deals with architectural
modifications that is observed modern Internet of Things (IoT) networks. The description of
modern IoT network contains the description distributed computing paradigms (such as Edge
and Fog computing) along with summarized survey of latest techniques such as
Microservices and computational off loadings. The discussion and simulation results led us to
enlist some open issues in the concluding section

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