Arduino-based DC Motor Control System using Bluetooth Module

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A. Bhanu Prakash, M. Vishnu Kumar


This article implemented an Android application-based speed and direction control of DC
motor using Bluetooth module. This setup consists of two basic primary elements
communicating with each other: i) Bluetooth of smartphone which is connected to the
Arduino microcontroller, IC and DC Motor interfaced with a L293D motor driver IC and ii) a
Bluetooth module HC-05.The android application in smartphone sends/receives data to/from
the microcontroller using the Bluetooth. An android application in the smartphone acts as a
display panel for the user to send/receive/view the output and input of the DC motor. The
display includes a screen showing the commands and responses against each other. The motor
can be rotated 0-360 degrees and can even change its direction from left to right until stopped.
Thus, this proposed control methodology is applied to control speed and direction of DC
motor wirelessly.

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