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Assistant Lecturer. Masar Saadi


Orientalism, as a science that came into being and in the field of knowledge and science,
assumed a great position in Western circles, as Western scholars directed their direction towards
it, and they paid great attention to it, because it helped them in the civilizational advancement of
their Western nation, which was suffering from ignorance, poverty and moral corruption.
When Western scholars who were interested in Orientalism realized that it is the science that
helps them understand Arab and Islamic civilization, and everything related to it since its
existence and its succession with the succession of ages and times, they turned to what is known
as the Orientalists who paved the way for their research and studies to identify the Islamic world
with its peoples, religions, beliefs, customs and history. , and literature and sciences and
others.Thus, the Orientalists carried the torch of Orientalism, and for the sake of achieving its
goals and reaching them, they harnessed great capabilities beyond imagination. These researches
and studies came according to organized ideas and approaches, followed by orientalists in order
to achieve their success that dazzled the public and the private, in the various fields that they
addressed, presented and treated, either in a positive or negative manner.positive or negative

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