Customer Care and Customer Relationship Maintenance in Novaland Aqua City Real Estate Project in Eastern Ho Chi Minh City

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Tran Vinh


CRM is viewed as a strategic software used to learn more about customers needs and
behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. Good customer relationships are
central to business success. One of the problems of CRM is implementing the CRM systems and
solutions accordingly, combining it with existing information systems and, most importantly,
accepting it by consumers and users. For Aqua City real estate project to be successful in
business as it is today is a process and thanks to the Novaland's CRM system. Through the
research data, collected articles we are able to find out factors that help Novaland's CRM system
work towards success in their various real estate development projects, we can also find
shortcomings as well in Novaland's CRM system to overcome and improve for the better future
business performance.

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