School Children Security Management System using Raspberry Pi

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Ambika Gannu, Anam Srinivasa Reddy, Anil Moguram


An advanced and novel system for monitoring and tracking the school van to
ensure the safety of children, the proposed system works in case of emergencies
such as accidents, break down, fire accidents by immediately sharing the location
and images of the inside environment of the bus to the school authorities and
parents as well. Images are captured using camera and location by GPS module.
Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) tags are used to track the number of students
travelling. Further, one panic button and couple of other keys also provided for
security enhancement where the first button utilized if there is any emergency and
the latter are used when the vehicle get stuck or breakdown. With the
advancement of Raspberry Pi, every time when a key is pressed, an email alert
will be sent to the parents and the school management as well including the inside
snapshots of vehicle. Moreover, it is also implemented to control the speed of the
vehicle when it exceeds the average speed which prevents the rash driving and
there by reduces the percentage of accidents.

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