Design of Smart Campus using Zigbee based on USN

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Byeongtae Ahn


Universities that have been pursuing informatization with the development of highspeed
networks and IoT (Internet of Things) are expanding the informatization area by
introducing online academic administration systems, mobile campuses, and electronic libraries
as part of the recent smart campus construction. As key technologies in this ubiquitous rank,
the Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) along with radio frequency identification (RFID) and
zigbee are emerging. In this paper, we propose an integrated management system model for
the establishment of a smart campus, such as a digital library system and a smart card system
capable of providing various services using zigbee, which is currently prominent. The
integrated management system can provide a higher quality education environment through
transparent and efficient administrative management and one-stop service provision, away
from the labor-intensive system of educational institutions, and users can provide personalized
and knowledgeable intelligent education services that meet their needs and environments.

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