A Review On Different Methods Development Approaches Of Micro Sponge’s Drug Delivery System

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Ashwini Potulwar, Sailesh J Wadher


Microsponges delivery system is a apparent polymeric system consisting of porous
microspheres. These are tiny sponge like spherical particles those consist of a myriad of
interconnecting voids within a non-collapsible structure with a big porous surface through which
active ingredients are released in a controlled manner. The size of the microsponges scale from 5
to 300 micrometer in diameter and a typical 25 micrometer sphere can have upto 2.5 lac pores
and an internal pore structure equivalent to ten feet in length, providing a total pore volume of
about 1milli litre per gram for extensive drug retention. This review gives all information
regarding the methods available for preparation and development of Micro sponges

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