Attitude towards E-Book Reading among Teacher Educators

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Dr. J. Princy Immaculate


In the Internet age, with its expansion of information required for scholarly purposes, students are
exposed not only to conventional text, but also electroniccontent. The extend of reading resources has
changed drastically in the digital environment to include Websites, Web pages, e-books, e-journals, enewspapers, e- mail, discussion boards, chat rooms, instant messaging, blogs, wikis, and other multimedia documents. In the present study focused to identify whether there was any significant difference between attitudes towards e-book reading among the teacher educators in Trichy district.Survey method has been adopted. Stratified random sampling method has been advocated to selecting the sample in Trichy district.Attitude Scale on Digital e-books Reader, PrincyImmaculate(2019) was used to identify the attitude among teacher educators. In this study 200 samples were selected in Trichy district. The major finding shows the there is significant relationship between attitude towards e-book reading based on their gender, locality and type of institution. Hence a new type of reading called „reading on the screen‟ and a new type of reader called „screen reader‟ created.

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