The hour glass method for encryption and compressing any encrypted text into a singlecharacter, using the fundamentals of power arithmetic function to reduce space complexityBasimNajimAL

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BasimNajimAL-DinAbed, Dr.SalamAbdulkhaleqNoaman, Dr.BelalAbuAta, Dr.AhmadM.Manasrah


Encryption is the science of concealing data, and because researchers seek to find the best way to hide data
fromunauthorized persons to access it, and due to competition in this field, it became necessary to find methods that are difficult
forattackers to break the cipher text and know its content, in this research paper a new method was proposed that we called it The
“hour glass or sand clock method”, which mainly depends on reducing the size of any message, regardless of its size, to
becomeeight-bit size only, in addition to hiding all characters of the messagewith only one character using the principle of
arithmeticpower function, and it is the first method that relies in its work on the principle of compressing a complete message to
becomeOnlyonecharacter.Whichposesarealchallengeinfrontofallmethodsofbreakingtheciphertextasitwilldealwithonlyonecharacter.By using differentcryptanalysismethods,the proposedmethod’sstrengthandeffectiveness have beenprovenincounteringall types ofattacks.

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