Availability and Profit Analysis of Gas Turbine System using Fuzzy Trapezoidal Numbers with Different Left Height and Right Height

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Meenu Goel , Shiv Narain


This paper analyzed a gas turbine system by using method of α-cuts coupled with trapezoidal
fuzzy numbers of different left and right height for general distribution.Gas turbine system
having six subsystems namely - Air inlet subsystem, Compressor subsystem, Combustion
chamber subsystem, Turbine subsystem, Electric generator subsystem and Governing subsystem
which are working in series. Subsystems turbine, electric generator and governing fails
completely via reduced capacity. Fuzzy failure and fuzzy repair rates of all the subsystems are
taken as general. Giving particular values to various parameters and costs, the numerical results
for availability and profit are obtained by considering exponential, Rayleigh and
Weibulldistributions for all random variables.

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