Effects of the Training Program for Managers in Digital Competencies in the Framework of Good Performance, in the Improvement of the Performance of Managers of Networks 13, 14 and 15 of UGEL 02, 2019

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Paola L. Valera-Quispe


The objective was to demonstrate that the Training Program for Managers in Digital
Competencies of the Good Performance Framework, is an influential factor for improving the
performance of managers of Networks 13, 14 and 15 - UGEL 02. It presents a quantitative approach,
applied type, technological, quasi-experimental design. The sample took directors, in an experimental
group of 21 and a control group of 22, whose research instrument was a survey. The results indicate that
76.2% of the total number of directors presented a competent level of good performance before the
Program, while 100% presented an outstanding level afterwards. In the hypothesis test it was evidenced
applying the Wilcoxon test, that in the experimental group before the program, the average score is
22.2±1.3 while the average after is 52.8±2.4, existing a significant increase in the experimental group of
p<0.05, which was observed in the analysis of independent samples applying the Mann Whitney test. The
pretest shows the mean of the good performance score of the control group of 25.7±6.7 while the
experimental group is 52.8±2.4. Likewise, after the program there is a significantly higher mean of
p<0.05 of good performance score in the experimental group in relation to the control group.

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