Evaluation of The Performance Efficiency of The Men's Clothing Factory In Najaf

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Kamel Allawi Al-Fatlawy, Ali Hussein Abed Al-Musawi


The process of economic and social development of a country requires the advancement of the
reality of all economic sectors, particularly the industrial sector, through sober scientific remedies
based on ensuring the optimal use of material and human energies and allowing the best ways to
exploit them and avoid waste, loss, and suffocation. Iraq's industrial sector is of exceptional
importance because together with the agricultural sector.It is the heaviest sector of the national
economy. It represents the most effective and dynamic sector in economic development through its
direct impact on the development process and other sectors with which it is increasingly
contributing to the development process. Within the industrial sector, the manufacturing sector
emerges as an important sector that directly contributes to constructing the country's strong
industrial base, which can be relied upon in thefuture. The manufacturing sector is broad and
complex, encompassing those industries that require the introduction or transformation of various
mechanical, chemical, natural, and compositional means to change their nature, image, and shape
and make them ready for new uses. One of the most widespread manufacturing branches is the
textile industry because of the provision of clothing and clothing to the population and their
significant contribution to reducing reliance on imports and the operation of national labor as laborintensive
industries. It also has a role in increasing national income because it relies primarily on
domestic production requirements. The development and growth of textile industries, in general,
requires the protection of the national product to achieve greater capacity in local markets. The
men's clothing factory in Najaf is one of the formations of the General Company for Textile and
Leather Industries under the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals, characterized by its diversity
of products and importance and the large production and size of capital invested in its assets. On
this basis, the subject of the study was chosen under the title. The research aims to identify the
factory's performance efficiency level for the duration (2010 -2020) by using the performance
efficiency evaluation process criteria.

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