Introducing the In-service Mathematics Teachers with the Dynamic Mathematics Software GeoGebra and Their Views about GeoGebra

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Tolga KABACA, Muharrem AKTÜMEN, Yılmaz AKSOY, Mehmet BULUT


This study aims that to enrich the situation of using technology in the course environments for in-service mathematics teachers from all over the Turkey. Since it is free and can be used in Turkish also, one of the dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra was chosen to teach the in-service math teachers. A workshop is organized under the Eurasia Meeting of GeoGebra (EMG), which is hosted by 3rd Future Learning Conference. Approximately 100 math teachers, who are from different cities of Turkey, attended the workshop, which lasts 6 hours in 2 days. In this workshop, teachers are trained on basic properties of GeoGebra. Furthermore, teachers were trained on creating sample GeoGebra applications that can be used in real course
environments. In addition to the workshop, teachers also found the opportunity to attend paper sessions presented by local and foreigner researchers.

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