A Deep Learning based Channel State Information Model for Future Generation High Speed Networks

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Syeda Ayesha Unisa, Dr. K S Jagadeesh Gowda


Recently, the demand of high-speed electronic devices and gadgets have taken a drastic rise.
Especially, the utilization of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and smart watches are enhanced
enormously over the last two decades. However, all these devices operates on internet and thus, mobile
operators face a critical and complex challenge of providing high-speed internet facilities with customer
satisfaction which is very challenging to achieve with the current available bandwidth spectrum
utilization. Therefore, implementation of 5-th Generation (5G) Cellular Network is a quite decent solution
to counter these challenges. However, there are several issues associated with 5-th Generation (5G)
Cellular Network which can degrade their performance. Therefore, a Deep Learning-based Channel State
Information (DLCSI) Model is introduced to enhance the efficiency of CSI prediction in

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