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Carlos Agustín Zambrano Murillo, Elva Katherine Aguilar Morocho


Players in the youth category have some shortcomings when passing the ball in short, medium
and long distance, which prevents the team from taking effective technical and tactical actions in
the game. Given the present needs, the following is formulated: How to improve the passing
technique in youth category footballers? With the aim of providing an answer, the objective is to:
Identify the main deficiencies in the passing technique of soccer players in the youth category of
the Champion's Claw soccer school. Within the methodology, the qualitative-quantitative method
has been considered. The application of a diagnostic test composed of 10 exercises subject to
times and successes, allowed to know the current state of practice in the technique of passing the
youth category. The techniques belong to the exploratory nature, in order to get to know directly
from those involved. In an identical way the field research provided an insight into the soccer
school students. The population involved for this study is made up of 35 men and 15 women who
belong to the soccer school. From this population group, an intentional non-probabilistic sample
was drawn, consisting of 10 men and 8 women. The results showed that the test participants
qualitatively the majority border the fair and good. As a conclusion, it is proposed that the youth
soccer team of the Champion's Claw School, through the practice of a structure, exercise and
activities, would improve its current condition.

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