Application hybrid GSAPSO Technique for AGC in Inter Connected Power System with Generation Rate Constant

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Pabitra Mohan Dash, Asini Baliarsingh, Sangram Keshori Mohaptra


An attempt has been taken in this work to effectively implement the combination of
GSA and PSO (hGSA-PSO) technique towards AGC in two-area inter-connected power systems
with generation rate constraint (GRC) is considered. For the design and analysis, a initial
attempt has been taken to optimize parameters of proportional-integral-derivative (PID)
controller in two area non-reheat thermal power system employing GSA and hGSA-PSO
algorithm with ITAE objective function. A sensitivity studies carried out for the robustness of
the system by changing the operating condition and variation of the parameter and generation
rate constant (GRC= ±0.05 and ±0.025) is considered. The performances of the proposed
controller has been evaluated with those of some previously published optimization techniques
such as GA and BOFA based optimized controller parameters for the same power system. This
study of the present work is extended to two area multi sources power system to test the
robustness analysis of the system by comparing the hGSA-PSO optimized to PI controller with
same structure of system by selecting with and without GRC for showing the dynamic
performance analysis of the system in term of settling time and overshoot.

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