Production Function Analysis of The New Kufa Cement Plant For The Period (2004-2020)

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Abd AL Hussein Jalil AlGhaliby, Raad Ebraheem Neamah


The cement industry is an essential manufacturing industry that effectively enhances
national income and achieves sustainable economic development. Its front and backlinks
with various industrial sectors, and the importance of this industry is increasing in all
countries alike. Extensive facilities to cover their need for this product and export the
surplus. This industry is significant in Iraq due to the government's wars, which destroyed
many infrastructures and disrupted the wheel of development. So, it became necessary to
promote this industry again to push the wheel of reconstruction and infrastructure
development forward. Given the importance of the new Kufa Cement Factory and its role
in providing the local product as well as its contribution to promoting economic growth
and employment of many human resources, as well as its contribution to strengthening
and increasing the national development in terms of providing the product locally in the
required quantities and quality, As well as concerning maintaining the balance of
payments and providing foreign currency by closing the door to imported products that
have always occupied the largest share of the Iraqi market in this aspect, it has been
highlighted in this research.

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