Modification of Reactive Agility Test Measuring Instrument for Table Tennis Performance: Aiken’s Validity and Retest Reliability Test

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Bandi Utama , Tomoliyus , Fauzi , Hary Widodo


Reactive agility ability is essential for table tennis performance. However, there is lack of reactive agility test
measuring instrument for table tennis performance. This research aims to test the validity and test re-test reliability of reactive
agility for table tennis performance. The method used in this research was mix method; qualitative and quantitative
approaches. The participants were some documents, nine experts and some junior table tennis athletes. The researcher used
literature systematic technique reviews with the Delphi technique to gather the data. Questionnaire with rating scale between
1 and 4 was used as research instruments. Then, in analyzing the data, researcher used Aiken’s formula to test content
validity. Furthermore, the researcher used product moment formula to reliability test re-test. The result found that the Aiken’s
coefficient value for each item was above 0,76. It meant that all aspects were valid in terms of the content of reactive agility
test. The reliability of the reactive agility test was 0,955; it meant that this test had high stability. The conclusions were:
reactive agility test for table tennis performance had high Aiken’s validity and its reliability was high.

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