Online Learning Objects in higher education, an alternative in times of pandemic

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Jenniffer Sobeida Moreira Choez, Letty Araceli Delgado Cedeño, María Elena Mendoza Vélez, María Patricia Delgado Cedeño


The objective of this research was to describe the benefits of Online Learning Objects as
didactic strategies for teaching and learning in higher education in times of pandemic. The
methodology used was based on the qualitative paradigm, applying the deductive method; the
type of research was descriptive bibliographic documentary, through content analysis of
scientific articles and research papers as the basis of the study. The analysis of the results was
carried out through content analysis according to categories of research interest. It was
possible to establish several advantages and benefits associated with the use of Online
Learning Objects to improve the teaching-learning process in different areas of higher
education, especially in times of pandemic.

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