Hardware Development of the Energy Management System with Smart Monitoring and Control and the Battery Lifetime Estimation based on Data Logging

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In this paper, we implement hardware of energy management system (EMS) for power monitoring and control,
and also develop battery life prediction based on data logging. Nowadays, Power management is an essential tool for
microgrid (MG) safe and economic operation, particularly in the islanded operation mode. The lifetime of the batteryis a
huge part of the performance and price of the EMS. Therefore, it is effectivefor the battery lifetime to observe and manage
the electric power all the time. This method enables to control the daily power consumption and the battery life is also able to
be monitored to ensure the performance of the independent power system.The test proves the effectiveness of the operation
and demonstrates the operation stability of the proposed smart monitoring and control (SMC) function and the data logging
function for the battery life prediction.

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