Dynamic Model Analysis for Unsteady Operating of Double V-Belt Drive System

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Ameer A. K., Nabhan A., Mohamed R. El-Sharkawy,Rashed A.


Alignment issues of the transmission V-belt drive system using numerical model are one of the
challenges we are trying to find ways to deal with them.Experiments and dynamic model
analysis were performed to monitor and perdict of alignment issues of the transmission
system.Various types of transmission system misalignment were investegated using the
developed model. Using different two statistical parameters, RMS and Crest factor, the vibration
level was monitored.The results obtained during the study confirmed that you have a type each
type of alignment issues has an optimal way to deal with it in terms of locating the appropriate
position to install the sensor.Moreover, the results displaythat it can used theRMS and
CFstatistical parametersof the accelerationresponsesto detect and monitor of the transmission
system misalignment.Furthermore, the mathematical model may be considered as an alternative
method to detect vibration signals of the transmission system using the spring-mass system.

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