Implementation of Cellular IoT over VANETs for Efficient Communication of Safety Messages

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Channakeshava RN, Meenatchi Sundaram


when it comes to communication of road safety message communication, improved packet
delivery ratio, reduced delay in packet delivery are most important as the messages are critical and
need to be communicated and guaranteed delivery. Along with the better delivery parameters we
energy efficiency is also an important factor. This paper introduces a method to implement VANETs
using LTE-M against WAVE which is particularly concentrating on different types of communications
in VANETs. With the adaption of LTE-M in the VANETs the model gives some design
simplifications. This raise to reduction of unnecessary stages in cluster formation such as Cluster Heads
in vehicles and allow communication of vehicles directly via RSU which will reduce the no of hops
between sender and receiver when the cluster head is more than 2 hops from sender to receiver. This
will also reduce the computation burden on cluster head. So we achieve better delivery ratio and
reduced delay in delivering packets.

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